When shopping for a new home, you’re excited and eager to find the right property. You want to be confident about making such a large investment while also being smart about it. One important step that will help you along the way is hiring a home inspector. Homebuyers need a home inspection to learn about what kind of maintenance and repairs your new home requires.

Buying a New Home

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have purchased a home before, you need a home inspection. A home inspection for an older home or a newly constructed home is equally valuable. A house may cost several hundred thousand dollars and a house with problems could cost several thousands more to fix. Since you have carefully budgeted to afford a home, you should know much it will actually cost to be in great condition.

You Need a Home Inspection to Find Hidden Problems

When touring homes with your real estate agent, you get a very basic idea of the house’s condition. You mainly notice the cosmetic features of the home unless something is obviously damaged or in need of replacement. It’s a professional home inspector’s job to examine all the components in the home and provide a detailed report on their condition. With this information, you have a better idea of maintenance and repair needs.

Make a Smart Investment

A house that is priced similarly to comparable homes in the area but requires $100,000 worth of foundation repairs is probably not a good investment. If you don’t order a home inspection, you run the risk of assuming responsibility for expensive repairs. A house that you thought was in your price range could end up costing much more than you expected.

You Need a Home Inspection to Negotiate a Fair Deal with the Seller

After you review your home inspection report, you will know whether your offer is a fair price. If your inspection report shows that the house needs an update like a new roof, new plumbing pipes, or re-wiring, you can try to negotiate a lower price or ask the seller to pay for the repairs.

Perhaps the home had a serious termite infestation that left behind thousands of dollars worth of damage. Especially in the case of safety issues, asking for a price reduction or repairs is both reasonable and expected.

Choose a Qualified Home Inspector

After you have made an offer on a home, it is time to select a home inspector to perform your inspection. Hire an inspector who is credentialed and experienced. Find out if the inspector uses any special tools, like aerial drones. Your realtor will have suggestions from his or her professional network, but it is a good idea to do your own research.

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