Homebuyers order home inspections to receive the most detailed information about the property. That’s why more inspectors are choosing to use an aerial drone to complete their home inspections. Here are the reasons why you should hire a home inspector who uses a drone.

The Inspector Can Inspect All Roof Types

A sloped roof gives your home a dramatic aesthetic. It also helps rainwater quickly drain off the roof. On the other hand, this type of roof can be dangerous to walk on. Some or all areas of it may not be accessible at all. 

Drones allow home inspectors to get clear imagery of roofs that are too risky to walk on. Inspectors are not required to walk on unsafe roofs, so a drone makes it possible for the roof to be included in the inspection.

Drones Provide a Quicker Inspection Process

When you hire a home inspector who uses a drone, the inspection will usually take less time. The process goes faster because there is no need to unload the ladder, set it up, climb up on the roof, unpack equipment, and then load the ladder back onto the truck.

Overcome Weather Conditions

Another factor that raises safety concerns is the weather. Wet conditions make it even more dangerous to walk up onto a dilapidated, high, or slanted roof. This causes scheduling issues that might hold up the sale of your property. The better choice is to hire a home inspector who uses a drone. As long as the weather doesn’t get in the way of the drone’s ability to get clear video and images, your inspector can still perform a quality  and complete inspection.

Get a Full Inspection of the Entire Property

There are times when inspections need to survey all the property’s land. Using a drone makes this type of inspection possible. The drone flies over power lines, trees, and other structures to provide an overview of the property.

Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone to Be More Thorough

A roof isn’t the only area of your home that is sometimes difficult to reach. There are many nooks and crannies where the traditional inspection process can miss important details. An inspector with a drone can observe those places. In fact, a drone can hover for some time underneath eaves, for example, while the inspector takes high-resolution pictures.

A Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone Provides Better Reports

One of the most important aspects about using a drone is the detailed video shots and pictures that then become a part of the inspection report. It helps everyone involved to see clearly where damage exists.

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