Homeownership is a rewarding experience with its own set of challenges. One of the more devastating and stressful problems that you can discover is termites. Before you buy an older house, have it inspected by a professional. Look for an inspector who will check for wood-destroying insects and signs of termites in the home.

Common Signs of Termites in the Home

If you’re not familiar with termites and are worried you might be facing an infestation, here are some of the common signs.

1. Clicking Sounds Coming from the Walls

Since different types of termites play different roles in their colony, you might first become aware of soldier termites. These types of termites work to guard the colony. If they sense danger or feel threatened, soldier termites will bang or shake their heads against the wood. These clicking and tapping sounds are a sure sign of termites in the home.

2. Discarded Wings

Another common sign of termites that you may see is piles of discarded wings. After termites mate and settle into a new home, they no longer need their wings and will shed them. If you notice piles of discarded wings around your home, call a termite professional right away.

3. If You See White “Ants”

Termites are very similar in appearance to ants. In some cases, people mistake these pests for white ants, however, there is no such thing. If you notice white ants around your home, get in touch with a pest inspector because you have a termite problem. He or she can help you determine the best steps to get rid of the insects.

4. Mud Tunnels Indicate Termites in the Home

When examining your home, look for specific signs of termites such as tunnels made from dirt or mud. These tunnels are easy to spot and you’ll usually see them along the home’s foundation. The tunnels provide a way for termites to travel from one location to another while staying protected from predators and the sun.

Have Your Inspector Look for Signs of Termites

Before you purchase a home, learn about any problems by requesting an inspection. Home inspections are an important part of the buying process because they identify issues and concerns with the property. Hire an inspector who offers wood-destroying insect inspections so you’ll get a complete report on the condition of your home.

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