There are usually pollutants of some sort in every home’s tap water. Water pollutants include pesticides, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals. Install a home water filter for the health of your family. Find out which contaminants you need to remove from your water supply and then shop for water filters.

Activated Carbon Water Filters

Activated carbon water filters are popular, affordable, and come in many formats. They are used in water filter pitchers, refrigerator water dispensers, and under-the-sink models. Activated carbon material removes pollutants like chlorine, which is in most tap water, VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides. They are often used in conjunction with a filter that removes more pollutants like heavy metals and bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse osmosis filters are some of the most thorough types. They remove fluoride, which most other types of water filters do not. They filter out heavy metals like lead, so if your area is notorious for having lead in the water supply, it is essential to buy this type of filter. Consuming lead leads to serious and long-lasting health complications.

Types of Water Filters Include Water Distillation

Distillation works by bringing water to a boil so it evaporates, and then condensing it into a separate container. Most pollutants are left behind in the process, resulting in purified water. One drawback of distilled water is that healthy minerals are also removed. Some people prefer the taste of water with beneficial minerals.

UV Water Purifier

A UV water purifier doesn’t filter anything out, but it does kill living organisms. This is the best water purification system for areas that are known to have viruses and bacteria in the water supply. Use it in conjunction with another type of water filter to remove pollutants like chemicals and heavy metals.

One of the steps to having a healthy home is providing your family with clean water. Have a professional test your water and decide on a type of water filter to install.

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