Everyone who owns a home needs to be prepared to take care of things around the house. Here are tips for new homeowners to help you maintain your property.

Helpful Tips for New Homeowners

Fix the Leaking Faucet

A dripping faucet can waste gallons of water every day. It’s important to make repairs so you can save water and save money. In many cases, all you need to do is tighten the screws on the handle of the faucet with an Allen wrench.

Don’t over-tighten, though because this can crack the plastic beside the screws. If you don’t have an Allen wrench, pick one up at your local hardware store to add to your toolbox.

Clean a Stained Toilet

If the toilet in your new home is stained by standing water, use a pumice stone to scrub it clean. You can buy a pumice stone at a local hardware store for a couple of dollars.

Fix a Clogged Drain

If water isn’t draining from your sink, bathtub, or toilet, then you have a clogged drain. Using a plunger is a quick and easy way to dislodge the clog so the water starts draining properly again. If the clog doesn’t clear or multiple drains are slow, call a plumber to determine the source of the problem.

Tips for New Homeowners About Mowing the Lawn

While mowing the grass, overlap the path you just cut by about one-third of the width of the lawnmower. This will ensure the lawn is trimmed evenly. Change the mower blades when they begin to dull so that you don’t tear the grass and cause it to brown.

Learn How to Paint a Room

Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to update your home. You’ll need quality paint and the right tools to get started. Don’t skimp on paintbrushes. You’ll use less paint and spend less time painting when you use a quality paintbrush.

Use painter’s tape to mask the ceiling, trim, and floor. Fill holes and cracks with a spackling compound, then sand the wall smooth. Apply a primer to cover the old paint and any stains. Once the primer is dry, it’s time to apply the new color. Use at least two coats for the best results.

Tips for New Homeowners: Cleaning a Burnt Pan

To clean a burnt pan, scrape off the food inside with a spatula. When you’ve removed as much as possible, fill the pan with water and boil it. This will loosen any remaining food particles and you should be able to wipe away the majority of the residue with a dishcloth. If some remains, use a heavy-duty scrubbing sponge as your final step.

Every homeowner should know how to properly maintain their house. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, mowing the lawn, or painting a room, these basic skills will come in handy. One of the best ways to protect your investment is to know how to complete maintenance tasks around the home.

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