If you’re running low on storage space and have too many belongings, here are a few helpful ideas to get things under control. These storage solutions will help you declutter and organize your home in no time.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a great way to provide additional workspace and storage in your kitchen. Tuck extra plates and utensils in the island cabinets and use the countertop for food preparation. If you don’t like the idea of a permanent installation, opt for a mobile cart that can serve as a bar, shelving unit, and portable island.

Make Use of Vertical Spaces for Storage

Use vertical spaces like corners or the backside of doors to store small items. You can use these areas by buying or building shelves to maximize their functionality. Wire baskets are great for storing small essentials while keeping them in view for easy access.

Storage Solutions: Install Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are helpful anywhere in the house. Use them to separate jewelry in the closet, keep utensils in place, and organize cosmetics and toiletries in the bathroom.

Hang Pots and Pans

Hang your pots and pans to save space, and they’ll always be easy to reach. Use pegboards with hooks or purchase a hanging pot rack online. Pegboard is inexpensive, easy to install, and with a fresh coat of paint, it will match the room’s décor. Pegboard doesn’t necessarily have to be for kitchenware. Use a pegboard to store items in the garage, bedroom, or basement.

Buy Square Containers for Multi-Purpose Storage Solutions

If you’re purchasing containers to store items, choose square ones. Square containers are a better option because the shape maximizes space, unlike round containers, which are less efficient and won’t fit properly against a flat surface. If you’re storing food, choose sturdy, BPA-free plastic.

Buy Furniture That’s Attractive and Functional

A storage ottoman is an excellent example of style and functionality. Storage ottomans open to reveal space for keeping books or blankets out of sight but within easy reach. A hallway bench with a seat that opens for storage is another perfect example. You will have a place to sit and take off shoes, an area to hang coats, and storage space.

Make your Storage Solutions Last

When you purchase storage solutions, buy high-quality items that maximize space and last a long time. Avoid products that are likely to fall apart after a few uses. They will cost you more in the long run because you’ll need to replace them when damaged.

Say goodbye to clutter by using the above storage solutions for your home.

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