When your garage is disorganized, it’s hard to easily find what you need. Clutter and poorly used space make it hard to store your belongings efficiently. Tidy up the garage for your next weekend project. Here are a few tips that will help you organize your garage.

1. Use Shelving to Organize Your Garage

Get items off the floor by installing shelves in the garage. Use bins or baskets on the shelves to better organize belongings. Sort items by category. Store all camping equipment in the same bin and keep holiday decorations together. Sporting equipment can be organized and stored in wire baskets.

2. The Ceiling can be Used for Storage

One way to help organize your garage is to use ceiling space. Install tracks overhead and a platform to store plastic storage bins. This is a great way to keep rarely used seasonal items out of your main garage area.

3. Cabinets Help Organize Your Garage

Install cabinets for storage along an entire wall of the garage. This transforms space that is typically cluttered with lawn equipment or camping gear and turns it into an attractive and organized way to keep things out of sight.

4. Make Use Of Corner Shelving

Maximize your space by making use of the corners. Instead of stacking shovels or rakes in the corner, place those items in your wall storage cabinets and install shelves in the corners. These corner shelves are great places to store paints, oils, glues, polishes, and cleaning products.

5. Storage Tubes for Tools

You can find cardboard tubes for concrete-forming online for under $10. Install them along your garage wall and use them to store long-handled tools, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and rolls of wrapping paper.

6. Use a Ball Corral

If your kids have a lot of sports equipment, then use a corral to store balls. A ball corral is a box that sits on the floor or hangs on the wall. Some are framed with wood and have bungee cords attached as a kind of railing. Your kids can stash basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and bike equipment in it.

7. Organize Your Garage with Pegboard

Pegboard is a multipurpose storage tool. Use hooks, baskets, and brackets to organize tools, paintbrushes, and craft supplies. Pegboard is inexpensive and easy to install and can be used to sort, store, and organize many different household supplies and necessities.

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