Designing your own home is something that many people only dream of, so getting the opportunity to do so is exciting. As you look through the many available features for your new construction home, these are some of the best.

Built-In Shelving

Many custom homes already include built-in shelving in places like the pantry, but as you consider the best features for your new construction home, think about other places where built-in shelving could be helpful. For example, if you have a lot of books, adding built-in shelves to the room that will serve as your office could make the space even more functional for your family. It is also useful to include built-in shelving in the bedroom.

Breakfast Nooks are Popular Features for Your New Construction Home

Most homeowners will include a traditional dining room, but adding a breakfast nook provides a place for more casual meals. Breakfast nooks are a sought-after feature in many houses and recoup their value well.

An Oversized Garage

Even if you only have one car, an oversized garage is one of the most innovative features for your new construction home. An expansive garage allows you to store sports equipment, your lawnmower, pantry items, bicycles, and more without needing to worry about being unable to park your car in the garage at the same time. An oversized garage is particularly valuable if your home does not have a basement.

Mudroom Space for Your Family

Mudrooms might have initially been a trend, but they remain one of the most popular features today. A mudroom gives you a dedicated space to remove your shoes, coat, umbrella, and bags at the end of the day. Depending on your needs, your builder could include an alcove right when you walk in or a slightly bigger space with cubbies and a place to sit down.

Features for Your New Construction Home Include Couples Closets

Closet space is a massive point of contention in some households, and one way of getting around this argument is by installing two-bedroom closets. Having two closets lets each person have their dedicated closet.

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