The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. Update your space with one of these bathroom remodel ideas you can do yourself.

Choose a New Color for the Walls

Painting is an easy way to change the look of an entire room. If you’re ready for a change, completely change the color. Maybe you’ve had a bright yellow bathroom and you would prefer a calmer neutral like gray or beige. Paint is an inexpensive and quick project you can complete over a weekend.

Updating Cabinet Hardware is one of the Easiest Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Installing new hardware in your bathroom won’t cost a fortune and will update the look of the room. Because the bathroom doesn’t usually have many handles, knobs, and drawer pulls, you can spend a bit more on high-end hardware. New cabinet handles set the aesthetic, making the room look modern, trendy, or classic, depending on the pieces you choose.

Install a Luxury Showerhead

Upgrade your shower experience with a new showerhead. This is a simple DIY project that only takes a few minutes. The hard part is choosing which luxury showerhead you like best.

You’ll find models with massage features, dual showerheads, strong water flow, and premium finishes like rubbed bronze or matte black. As a bonus, modern showerheads use less water while maintaining good water pressure, so you’ll save money while enjoying a spa-like shower experience.

Refinish the Cabinets

Depending on the material your bathroom cabinet is built from, you can repaint or stain it. It’s simple to refinish a wooden cabinet. You’ll need sandpaper, a good quality brush, and wood stain.

If your bathroom cabinets are laminate and you want to change the color, you’ll need to prep them well. Clean the cabinets and sand them to rough up the surface. This helps the paint adhere. Apply a primer and allow it to dry before painting the cabinets.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Replace the Faucet

Updating the bathroom sink faucet is another easy DIY task. You can find budget-friendly models for around $50 or more expensive premium faucets. Choose a faucet to fit the bathroom’s decor. Because installing a new faucet is a simple project, you can purchase a fixture at your local home improvement store and install it in an afternoon.

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