Don’t overlook the attic if you’re looking for functional home improvement projects. Whether you need a home office, playroom, or an extra bedroom, an attic remodel is an excellent way to create more space without paying for an extensive build-out. Here are a few attic renovation ideas that increase usable square footage, transform your home, and add value to your property.

Attic Renovation: Add an Extra Bedroom

If your family is growing or you want a guest bedroom for visitors, convert the attic space. An additional bedroom offers a significant return on investment if you decide to put your home on the market.

Before turning the attic into a bedroom, consult with an experienced contractor. They will have ideas and recommendations to renovate the attic and maximize the space. For an attic bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the room is well insulated and install windows if there aren’t any. It’s usually best to opt for carpet flooring because it muffles noise, so people downstairs won’t be disturbed by footsteps overhead.

Build a Home Office

Your attic may be the perfect space for a home office because it’s separate from the rest of your home. It offers a quiet and relaxing area, meaning you can work efficiently from home without being disturbed by family members.

Transform the attic into an office and create a place where you can complete your job assignments or pay bills. You’ll enjoy more productive work days in a room designed to help you focus. Buy a comfortable chair and desk, set up your computer, and add a filing cabinet and bookcase to organize your items.


Because the attic is further away from the rest of the house, it can be the perfect location for a quiet and peaceful library. Install bookshelves and move your books upstairs. Place comfortable, plush reading chairs near the windows for natural sunlight. Buy a coffee table or side table to provide a place for books, lamps, and to set your drink. If the room is still dark, invest in pendant lighting and table lamps to illuminate the space.

Consider a Playroom for Your Attic Renovation

A playroom is another attic renovation idea that can help maximize space, especially if you have young children. The kids will have a designated place to enjoy themselves away from the rest of the house. A play space allows the children an area to create, build, and play, reducing the time you spend cleaning the living room. Add an organization system for toys and install a bookshelf for their books. Include comfortable seating like beanbags and lounge chairs that are good for kids.

The attic can be more than a dusty area to store out-of-season items and things you rarely use. Finishing the space is a fantastic way to maximize your square footage and boost your home’s value. Renovate the attic to create a place your family can spend time and get the most out of your home.

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